Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Is Berger simply rebuilding Marine Defense Battalions? SURE SOUNDS LIKE IT!

via Wikipedia..
Marine Defense Battalions were United States Marine Corps battalions charged with coastal and air defense of advanced naval bases during World War II. They maintained large anti-ship guns, anti-aircraft guns, searchlights, and small arms to repel landing forces.
 Unlike the mobile Marine forces involved in offensive actions, defense battalions were detached to key outposts, in the Pacific and one in Iceland,[1] and remained at the station they defended.[2] Most varied greatly in size and equipment. The battalions often had several coastal gun batteries, several anti-aircraft batteries, a detection battery (searchlights and radar), and machine gun units. While a few had composite infantry companies attached, most defense battalions were responsible for providing their own riflemen.


Kinda hits you square in the face don't it!  Berger isn't looking to the future, he's trying to relive the past.

You look at this "Littoral Force" and you think its audacious, bold, and forward looking?  You're wrong.  It's weak, pathetic and aimed at one enemy in one location.

It's a revision to the past that so many Marines honored but sought to grow beyond.  The Marine Corps is a medium weight force that can flex up and down the spectrum of conflict.  That is capable of fighting in all climes and places.

Not a one trick pony waiting on a battle that might never come.

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