Thursday, August 27, 2020

LAR is dead. Deal with it!

via Force Structure 2030
Increase in Light Armored Reconnaissance

While I have repeatedly stated that all-domain
reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance will be
a critical element of any future contingency, I remain
unconvinced that additional wheeled, manned armored
ground reconnaissance units are the best and only
– especially in the Indo-Pacific region. We need
to see more evidence during Phase III to support this
conclusion before engaging in an expansion of our
existing capacity, or committing billions of dollars
in procurement funds towards the acquisition of an
Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV).
That's from your patron saint Commandant Berger.  Not Solomon but from Berger.

What was that?  You can't read between the lines?  Ok.  Let me help you out.

1.  The LAV-A2 despite upgrades is still an "old" vehicle.  Its combat capability on a modern battlefield is limited.  An upgrade is needed.

2.  Money is tight.  Berger points it out but few want to believe him (I believe him after he brutally killed Tank BN and then tried to celebrate the Marines that once served in that unit) but he's clear. "We need to see more evidence during Phase III...committing billions of dollars in procurement funds towards the acquisition of an Advanced Recon Vehicle".

That's crystal clear to me.  He has his focus and hasn't even started buying his precious (though limited) anti-ship missiles.  Knowing Berger's vision and his focus on the 1st Island Chain which do you think he will prioritize?  ARV or Missiles?

3.  He also gives a hint that he'll try and split the baby by keeping LAR in name but switching to perhaps robotic ground vehicles, unmanned air assets or even a mix of the two.  The unit might survive in name but will be unrecognizable to many of us

Long story short?

LAR is dead.  Deal with it!

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