Wednesday, August 26, 2020

This rioting and looting is something else entirely...another pic from the troubles...

This commie terrorist with his pistol thought he could take on a young patriot protecting the local businesses armed with an AR rifle. He was wrong. Lucky for him he was only shot in the arm. The communist who attacked the patriot protecting the businesses with a skateboard, as he was running from the mob, got shot in the chest. Another rioter, who tried to attack the patriot with the AR, got shot in the head. In an ironic twist other looters and rioters stood over their dead comrades and screamed and cried for the police. Seriously.

Word to the wise; If you're going to play at being an commie anarchist and feel compelled to go out and attack and destroy, don't cry and call for the police when you and your shit head friends get shot in the face. #report @f1firearms

Hey folks.

This shit is getting out of hand.  I don't know what the leadership of the cities involved in this are thinking but again...its getting out of hand.

Let's put a few misconceptions aside.  This is being labeled Black Lives Matters.  It ain't.  This is pure anarchy.  The bradishing of weapons is indicative of a mad max moment from my chair.

Police aren't visible in many of the pics I'm seeing and that's an issue.  I can understand why.  Hands are tied.  Defund movements are taking hold.  No one wants to risk it.  I get it.  But things are out of control!

Is it time to send in the National Guard?


I think its time.

Sidenote.  The Instagram Page listed usually covers firearms.  It's made a turn toward covering this and the reality is that MANY firearms pages are making the turn with them.  A sign of the times?  Don't know but I do make note of the verbiage used.  Commie Terrorist?  Once again.  We need to get a handle on this.

My fear?

What happens in Nov?  No matter who wins people are gonna be pissed.  Things could get dicey in some parts of the USA.

Another pic from another incident.  This dude I follow and actually like..TREX Arms.

This ladies and gentleman: is why I emphasize speed. Accuracy is important, but if you can’t even get on the gun because of circumstances: it doesn’t matter how accurate you are. Dry fire your weapons handling. Get it fast.
And yes, the mob chasing and then getting on top of this guy after he tripped were armed. Dude on the left has a Glock 26 in his hand.

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