Sunday, September 20, 2020

Future generations will look back at 2020 and wonder why we were so stupid...

Future generations will look back at America in 2020 and wonder why we were so stupid, batshit crazy and what kind of crack we were smoking.

A few thoughts.

*  Covid-19 is (after a bit of examination) either the weirdest pandemic I've ever heard of, we're missing some serious facts about it or we dramatically over reacted.  

*  In a country of over 350 million people, I heard a report that 6 million confirmed infections have been recorded.  That's alot.  But statistically, especially with regard to our response to it, its almost laughably small.

*  Does anyone else remember that there were once two strains of this thing floating around?  Haven't heard a thing about that for a couple of months now. Which one are we getting slammed with?

*  I want the stimulus check (missed out on those FEMA details and heard that cheddar was AMAZING) but fiscally it just doesn't make sense.  The economy was artificially stopped and now that its back up (even in my poor state) things are quickly getting back to normal (economically).  As a matter of fact state economists are saying that the only hold up now is continued restrictions on activity by our governor.  Stimulus checks are needed.  An end to nationwide house arrest is!

*  Different parts of the country are different!  What I do know is that people got unemployment for months and were making more money than they did BEFORE THE VIRUS HIT!  Think about that.  But it gets better.  Now some of those same people are crying that they're gonna get kicked out of their homes because they can't afford to pay the rent!  Amazing.

*  Speaking of work.  I've noticed that many are still crying about the threat.  Some are saying they're afraid to go back to work because of Covid.  I've been at work the entire time.  So have other "essential workers".  This country really needs an economic readjustment.  If your work is deemed essential and you have to go when everyone else stays home then perhaps you need higher pay.  Of course the inverse also applies.

*  The dietization of scientists and medical officials during this crisis has been annoying.  They're specialists in their field.  They shouldn't make public policy. They have been elected by NO ONE!  Yet they're gonna dictate to society? That's craziness!

*  The riots (not the protests) are the biggest economic tragedy thats gone unreported in history.  We're talking about BILLIONS of dollars in insurance claims, businesses closed and won't come back, lost economic activity etc...The price paid because of the madness hasn't even been fully calculated yet but it will be telling.  Additionally some of the critics are probably right.  Those had to be super spreader events but tracing it is impossible.

Just a few thoughts.  What do you think?

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