Saturday, September 19, 2020

The left is really gearing up for the Supreme Court fight...this will be interesting...


Wil Wheaton (dude from Star Trek Generations) posted this on his Tumblr Page. Watching the news (MSNBC) the left has been in a lather all day.

This Supreme Court fight will be interesting.

The weird thing?

Most Americans are trying their best to get back to some sort of symbalance of normal and more concerned about everyday issues than they are about this.

The extremes from both sides will be fighting to gain our attention when all the rest of us want is to make it thru this year.

Pass the popcorn cause this will be something to see.  I can't even predict it but you can bet your last dollar (well I hope it isn't your last) that everything is gonna get pushed to the side (including hopes by some for another stimulus check) and this will take center stage.

Sidenote.  I don't recall but isn't the US govt running up against a budget deadline this month?

Anyway hold on.

This year is gonna go out with a bang...I just hope that its figuratively, not literally...but considering how things have been going it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see some popup big time conflict that no one saw coming.

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