Thursday, September 14, 2023

Zelensky is due to visit the USA. He better stay on the coasts cause in the South and Midwest he isn't loved...

It's really kinda funny. The support for Ukraine is breaking down to regional factors. On the East and West Coasts he's wildly supported. In the South and Midwest not so much. I read a story that indicates a fracture but they didn't go into regions. Something in the US is brewing below the surface.

US aid to Ukraine. When is enough enough?

Imagine how the USA would be humming along if all that money was used here at home? Imagine the state of the art infrastructure! Imagine how many mentally ill could get treatment. How many dangerous people could be locked up and society protected. How many schools and hospitals could suddenly become state of the art. BUT NO! We must continue to fund another country, fill the pockets of grifters and rob our children of their future. Fuck Biden, McConnell and every other war hawk in both parties.

Ukrainians are doing "mini" combined arms....(no fast air or helos but drones) the assault

They must have gotten a retired Marine SNCO to train them...

Chad Johnson is a "unique" individual but while you can dismiss his nutrition thinking I think he might be onto something about taxing the body...

Chad has a point on taxing the body. If you do look at the NFL today they're getting a helluva lot more soft tissue injuries than back in the day. But taking the discussion to the general public. I have to wonder if its because the body isn't taxed enough on a daily basis. Yeah. I just fractured my ankle but I try (I can definitely do better) to get after it. But what about the guys that don't. You've seen the dudes in uniform. From the military to law enforcement, firefighters etc...You see tons of people that are supposed to go from 0 to 1000 looking like pure shit. So what about the average guy or gal? Add the obesity crisis on top of all this (lack of effort/health awareness) and we have a nation that is devolving and that's before you get to crime, national defense, the debt, foreign policy and societal morality.

Why are health experts the most UNHEALTHY people you will ever see?

PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF! Fix you before you try and tell me what I need to be doing!!!!

Open Comment Post. 14 Sep 23

A nuke move in ND


Hmm. Considering the "protectee" they're riding kinda light. Intel must have indicated no threats...

Chile has a crazy obstacle course....

That thing is seirously bluring the line between an obstacle and endurance course. You run that thing solo and I bet you're beyond gassed at teh end.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The Norinco VN-22 APC

It's weird. The info we have on these vehicles comes from the Chinese. I've seen very little assessments of Chinese armored vehicles. Hell even the stuff we get on the aircraft are all jaded by what WE think they're for and not what the Chinese intend to USE them for! A tilt to the Pacific? Just words. We don't even know our enemy and when we talk about them its mixed with a fair amount of pixie dust to give us the illusion that we're so far ahead they'll never catch up.

Law Enforcement dick measuring contest. I would luv to know the backstory on this

Alternate reality: American cops threaten each other
byu/Thymevortex innextfuckinglevel
Its kinda weird but in some parishes, not mine but some, there is a tension between the Sheriff's Dept and the Local PDs. Don't know why but I've seen this and a bit worse. Luckily before any drama kicks off its understood you drop gear and then get after it.

Armored vehicle mounted mortars. Not the success in Ukraine/Russia war I thought they would be....

I don't know if its tactics but the 2S9 has not had the success I thought it would during this war. A heavy mortar mounted on a common armored vehicle chassis seemed like a sure winner to me. It seems I was wrong. I fully expected them to be more mobile than cannon artillery, having high mobility would be able to launch several mortars and then zoom away at speed. Arrive at a new location and rinse/repeat. This war does make you wonder. Dispersal matters a damn. Smaller infantry battalions just mean they can't hang in a fight. Fire support is at a premium while it survives. In the Gulf a famous Marine General told his aviators to kill their artillery. Don't worry about the tanks...we can take care of the tanks (paraphrased). Is the new call, don't worry about the tanks, artillery or infantry. We can handle that. Just kill the drones?

The New Mexico Gov was wrong. Apparently the constitution means what it says...

I still think (yeah conspiracy) that this was a test case to see if an "emergency health declaration" could be used to get away with all kinds of shenanigans. God knows it worked well enough during Covid 1.0 (it might work again during Covid 2.0 but I'm having my doubts).

Interesting article on USAF Special Recon via Grey Dynamics...


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Just look at what they did to my boy....this is shame, that truck is a classic.

Hey guys leave your ego at the door of the gym! If you don't have someone to spot you then just go for high reps!

The person posted this got it so right. I can't imagine dying with old skool R&B playing in the background (unless its that sunshine pussy!).

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

5,300 dead in Libya flooding...

Question. How many of you knew about this tragedy? Next question. This is the perfect time for USA AID to do some work.

Artistic impression of « Hero Kim Gun-ok », the new ballistic submarine of North Korea.

Turn off this war or get in the fight. Chicken hawks are pissing me off...

Stop pontificating. Stop all the cheerleading. Either get in the fight or start using what little bit of humanity you have left to demand they knock this shit off. The lines are for all intents frozen. Neither side achieved their goals and global politics rule the day. The elite need to get put back in their cages. Average men and women need to stop being maimed/killed because a few pampered princes and princesses decide they want to play with lives. The whole world has other problems that need their attention. Lets get to that business and stop letting politicians fuck with us.