Monday, May 07, 2012

Badly timed photo release of the F-22 leaving Marietta


I've said it before and I'll say it again.

General Dynamics and friends pulled a fast one on Lockheed and BAE.

The US Army was initially pushing for new production/new technology vehicles.  As soon as they came off that stance GD switched to the DURO/MOWAG Eagle platform.

They got jammed up in the British competition and they're going to do it to the compeition here in the States.  This is gonna turn into a price shootout and they're gonna win on that mark.

Funny thing is that me and other have always looked at this as a purely miliitary procurement issue.

We are wrong.

Homeland Security, the FBI, DEA, ATF and all the other federal law enforcement agencies, not to mention tons of big city agencies are all going to migrate to the winner of this contract.

General Dynamics is cheating, but they're gonna win.

In big boy procurement I guess thats all that matters.

Rant Time. Lets get real about Iran.

Rant time guys.

Let's start being honest about our foreign policy concerns.

The first thing we need to do is to be honest about Iran and the region.

Have you been paying attention or have you swallowed the talking points given at the US State Dept and the UN?  Let me enlighten you.

Iran is not a threat to Israel.  That card is played to get the support of conservatives and the Christian right.  Both groups are staunch Israel supporters and both would send troops to defend her in a heart beat.

If you want to know the real 51st state then realize that its in the Middle East.

But if we're being honest Israel can easily defend itself against anything the Iranians can throw at it.  As a matter of fact the biggest threat that Israel faces from Iran is an unleashed Hezbollah.  A Hezbollah that's fully armed and engaged in attacks against the Israeli people.

Israel doesn't fear Iranian nuclear weapons....but Iraq does Saudi Arabia...UAE and a host of other oil supplying Middle Eastern nations.

I don't mind us taking the stance that Iran shouldn't get the bomb, but I just wish we were being a bit more honest about why we're doing it.  Its in our own national interests.  If Saudi Arabia can be blackmailed because of a threat against their oil fields with nuclear weapons then we would face 20 dollar plus a gallon gas.  If a strike against those oil fields were carried out and they became contaminated then the world would face a global depression and the economic system that we're currently involved in would disintegrate.

That's why the war drums are beating against Iran.  Not to protect Israel but to protect our economy.

DAMN IT! Afghan Soldier Murders US Marine and wounds another.

Sorry bastards.

How long are we going to play patty cake with these corrupt dogs?

Time to call in an airstrike on the entire GOD forsaken country and turn them and the land into glass.  I am so tired of our guys sacrificing and dying to help these primates.

Here's the story from
KABUL, Afghanistan -- An Afghan soldier has killed one U.S. Marine and wounded another before being shot to death in return fire in southern Afghanistan, the latest in a series of attacks against foreigners blamed on government forces working with coalition troops.
Sunday's attack is among nearly 20 this year that have raised the level of mistrust between the U.S.-led coalition and its Afghan partners as NATO gears up to hand over security to local forces ahead of a 2014 deadline for the withdrawal of combat troops.
Read the rest of it but its just bullshit.  Everything you need to know about this war is contained in the first paragraph.

Long story short.  Its time to go.

Oh and for the liberal readers that I have (and its nothing personal) but  if you think that I'm painting with a broad brush and that all Afghans aren't bad then I have this to say.


Before you hit me with an ounce of equivalency take a few moments to think about this Marines Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Wife, Girlfriend, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandma, Grandpa and everyone else that calls him friend.

One Marine is worth that entire country to me.

And if you don't like it then pound sand.

Generational Dereliction of Duty. The latest example.

The vid is of the expose' done by 60 minutes on the F-22.

But my question is much larger in scope.  Are we living through the worst leadership in the history of our military?  Are we seeing generational dereliction of duty?

The evidence is stunning.

*General Shinseki relieved for telling the truth to US Senators...

*The revolt of the Generals.  Instead of speaking out while on active duty, they waited until retirement to bond together to speak out about the conduct of the war.

*General Pace in essence lying to the American public about the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Things were worse than they reported.

*General Mullen doing the same.

*General Patreus embarking on a nation building program with conventional forces in Afghanistan...ignoring the fact that the Terrorist threat had been neutralized by then and we were involving ourselves in a civil war...the Northern Alliance (the current government) vs. the Taliban (the former govt).

*General Mattis ignoring the real and present threat of attacks by our SUPPOSED allies on coalition forces.

and now...

*Forcing pilots to fly an airplane that is causing pilots to black out and not having a solution in place.

I truly believe that many years ago military leadership would never have allowed any of the above to have occurred.  The only individual on this list that acted honorably is Army General Shinseki.  He is included because other General's didn't stand up and speak out against the administration.

Rumsfield succeeded in one thing.  He stated that he believed that the Military Leadership had become too powerful and he wanted to reassert civilian dominance.

He won and the American people lost.

Leadership is currently making many decisions that are politically popular and make a minority of the military smile with glee.  But just like in the 60 minutes video, a silent majority of military members are realizing that something is broken.

Its the civilian and military leadership.  Warfighting is no longer job one.

Social programing is.