Monday, February 05, 2024

Fox News is part of the deception campaign. We heard about the King Of England having cancer but nothing but massive flooding in California...


The modern news media, to include Fox News is just a massive deception campaign. Been watching off and on all day and they never touched on the flooding in California. Know what they did saturate the air waves with? The King Of England being diagnosed with cancer. If you're in the UK I get it. In America? We don't have a king. We do have fellow Americans, misguided as they are, in California taking a gut punch. Make it make sense.

The US "has a duty to warn". We even warned Iran of a terror attack. So did we warn Israel on Oct 7th?

 Do you remember just a little while ago when terrorist attacked Iran and how our State Dept stated that the US has a duty to warn and notified Iran?

The attack on Iran was relatively minor.  Certainly much smaller than what we saw on Oct 7th.

We can assume that the US warned Israel.  We can assume that certain nations in the EU also got wind and even if we weren't aware they would have notified us, and then we would have notified Israel.

What I'm saying is that the attack was horrific, but we're missing a very important piece in all this.

Someone screwed up big.

It was either incompetence, politics, pure evil or maybe all three.

Another thing bothers me.

Netanyahu was in big time trouble before the attack.  He was about to be ousted.

Everytime I think about this thing it keeps circling back to Netanyahu and those around him.

If you have the means to stop an attack or at least warn those of being attacked and do nothing that makes you a monster.

Enough musing.  What I'm saying is that I find it difficult to believe that Netanyahu and/or the Army Chief didn't know this was coming.  If they knew and did nothing to protect their people then they're worse than the terrorists.

The only thing I can't figure out is why aren't more people in Israel asking ANY questions on this.

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Sunday, February 04, 2024

UNWRA is a filthy organization...and we're funding them!

We, meaning the USA, are playing a dangerous game. We are funding the very people that would luv to gut us and watch us die a slow painful death. We need to get our house in order. I don't know when it happened but our govt is broken, possibly beyond repair, but we've got to at least try and fix this. If you disagree then make this make sense!

Danish Leopards 2A7DK during exercise


PARS Alpha 8x8

Am I wrong in saying that outside of Rhienmetall & Arquus, and then I'm not sure, the Turks have the most active armor corporations in Europe? Quite honestly while we've been sleeping the Koreans, Turks, and Chinese are all zooming ahead with new offerings. I don't know what's happening but at least when it comes to open programs even our aviation seems to be stuck...resting on its laurels. We got to do better. We're getting fat and nasty and they're working out hard.

Saturday, February 03, 2024

Straight Black Men are the White people of Black people....Uh...Wow....

If Toyota was allowed to bring this truck to America it would destroy the US auto industry in a year...especially if you're able to turn a wrench on it yourself


OTOKAR Tulpar with Leonardo Hitfact MK2 Turret


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Dr Fauci.  We're not done with him yet.  He did some very evil things while in office and he will pay. He won't be protected forever.  He will go down in history as a monster, even if his masters protect him in life.

Friday, February 02, 2024

Raking the forest...

 Weird days.  Sorry for the light posts.


Driving thru the backwoods.  Come across this lady raking the freaking forest.

I stop.  Ask her..."are you ok".  She says yes.  I ask her, what are you doing...she says "raking the forest and looking at rocks".

You know what this is.  I know what this is.  She's not dancing in the middle of the road, not howling at the moon.  Just raking leaves and looking at rocks.

Ok.  Be careful.  You got family around here?  Yeah they're about a mile down the road.  Ok.  Gonna check back on you in an hour ok? Yeah sure but I'm good.

Mental note added.  Drive further down and I get flagged down.  Geez.  What is this bullshit.  Not up for any shenanigans today.

Hey Deputy.  I saw where you coming from and no worries.  So and so is my mom.  I'm gonna let her do her thing before I go get her in a few so don't you worry ok.

She's about 20...been told about this family before.  Alright then...ya'll take care of business but if you need me call me.  Oh we got it don't you worry.

On to the next episode.

Raking leaves and looking at rocks in the forest.

Meth is a helluva drug.

Back to regular posts after this weekend.

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Thursday, February 01, 2024

BAE delivers first test vehicle of the ACV 30mm....still don't know how this fits with FD2030


Ya know what proponents of FD2030 won't tell you? That maneuver is dead with least ground maneuver. Even if the ACV-30 is for use in the "littoral" environment it still doesn't match up with the concept as presented. The new Marine Corps is all about recon/counter recon. Eyes and ears of the joint force and all that bullshit. So why are they even buying the ACV much less the ACV-30? As things stand the USMC is no longer capable of sustained land combat. It has destroyed the Ground Combat Element and turned the Marine Corps into Naval Infantry with a few missiles. Make the ACV buy (in any form) make sense with the FD2030 concept!

The US is playing games with retaliating against Iran....its just drama for the masses...

Exhibit Number 1. So we're about to hit a country and basically discuss targets with them? Interesting tactic. 

Exhibit Number 2. Check the dates on this. We first heard that we will strike Iran hard. Then it was "talk to Iran to get approved targets for a strike". Now its we're gonna hit Iranian personnel in Iraq and Syria? Bet you big money that those bases will be cleared of "essential" personnel. I wouldn't doubt that they fill it with people facing the death penalty so that the US can get a body count. If you have been keeping up with the news then you know that we've capitulated to Iran. There will be strikes but they will of no consequence. Quite honestly we'd do better to save our munitions for REAL targets, not this made for TV drama.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

All this "carbon" frenzy is madness...Do you know what percent of our atmosphere is CO2?


Sunday, January 28, 2024

Clap for that you stupid bastards...


African Mercenaries in the service of the Russian Army...

Can't lie. This always fucks me everytime I see an African in Russian service. I've been schooled by Russian readers that they have many Africans attending university in Russia (never knew that...and we know what happened to Africans in Ukraine at the start of the invasion), that the Wagner Group has good relations and does much training in African nations (weird cause you see all the Nazi tattoos...but then again the original Nazis used African troops too) but perhaps more importantly Putin is a rock star on that continent (another miss by the US State Dept...Russia and China are running around all over there). This war will demand much study. The dynamics are beyond interesting and while the Western alliance is easily understood, I think many here have totally missed how much support Russia has in this conflict.


African mercenaries in service in the Russian army.
byu/PjeterPannos inUkraineWarVideoReport

Saturday, January 27, 2024

First we had Europe fearmongering over a Russian invasion, now they're going goofy about a 2nd Trump term...I don't get it...

 via DW

The more likely it seems that Donald Trump will be the Republican Party's nominee for the US presidency, the louder the voices become that warn Europe to prepare itself for a second Trump term in the White House.

In an interview with French public broadcaster France 2, Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, described the possible election of Donald Trump as a "clear threat" to Europe.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo told the European Parliament in mid-January that "if 2024 brings us 'America First' again, it is really more than ever 'Europe on its own.'"

In a paper published by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) think tank, former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt predicted far-reaching global consequences if Trump were reelected.

This I don't understand.  The EU wants China to treat it as a superpower.  I would assume they want the US to do the same. The only thing I can think is that the free ride will be over and that they'll have to concentrate on their own defense.

If we take it to its ultimate extreme then they would also have to develop and put into service their own nuclear weapons.  Another drain from societal programs that are necessary if they are to "go it alone". 

Sudha David-Wilp, the director of the Berlin office of the German Marshall Fund, a think tank funded by the US government, the German government and the EU Commission, told DW that her main concern was over Europe's military capabilities.

"It's very important that Europe becomes a strong actor, militarily, in a conventional sense, that it's able to take care of security issues in its immediate neighborhood," David-Wilp said.

In addition, she said, Europe must also "be a strong partner for Asia, for Europe, when it comes to warding off external threats from authoritarian forces, and also get strong economically to prepare for potential protectionist measures from a second President Trump term."  

Jürgen Hardt, a conservative lawmaker with Germany's federal parliament, the Bundestag, said he fears that Germany is ill-prepared for a second term with Trump.

I don't get this one at all.  They talk about Russia coming to gobble up the EU.  Wouldn't that automatically assume that they would plus up their defenses?  At the height of the Cold War, it was assumed that Europe would have to hold on for about 30 days for the US Army to get its armored divisions over to Europe.

That wouldn't change but they would have to hold the line.  From what the Ukraine/Russia war has shown us, only Poland and perhaps France are actually ready to do so.

Even with us they need to get their house in order.

Story here 

2024 will be the year of fear...brought to you by the elite... 

Mercy for monsters, even teenage monsters only leads to more grief...society must protect itself before handing out misguided mercy

Read this and tell me it doesn't have you wanting to punch walls...