Friday, March 01, 2024

Open Comment Post. 1 Mar 24


Homegrown animals destroy a young woman. We NEED the death penalty.

Add this to the list of barbaric actions carried out against young women. Society NEEDS the death penalty. Not for revenge but to help return order to our communities. Race be damned, every community will be better served by the removal of these people from our world. What I find amazing is that everyone weeps for the criminal but the victim and their suffering is so often forgotten.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

I dare you to show me a more awesome K/5 Blazer

California is lost. It is a lawless state....if you live there MOVE NOW!

The politicians and DA's have caused a living nightmare for their citizens. How any person that has a fraction of an ounce of moral fabric should leave. Leaving now is probably leaving late but its gonna get worse so get it done!

Small Boat Raids are batshit crazy. Ukraine's 73rd Naval Special Ops learned it the hard way...

The USMC is all in love with small boat raids. I think they're batshit crazy. They're more than likely unsupported. They rely on stealth but are easily detectable and if detected are easy to kill. Once detected its difficult for them to withdraw. So they're vulnerable going in, they rely on stealth yet are easily detected and they don't have the speed to effectively run or the armor to get away under fire. Oh did I add that you're usually landing a small number of people so that platoon will probably be facing a company reinforced with artillery, aircraft, drones and armor? Bless these guys but their leadership threw their lives away.

Open Comment Post. 29 Feb 24

Trump's new ad is striking at a festering fear in America...


I guess better late than never but the enemy isn't at the gates, they're inside....its gonna get messy in the US. Decisions have consequences. The only good thing about all of this is that the monied class that pushed this insanity will not be safe inside their walled communities. They're gonna feel the pain too.

Bóbr-3 Light Armored Reconnaissance Transporters (LOTR)

 Note.  I find it interesting that the development model of this vehicle has the same design "face" as the K808.  Do I think it is a simple copy?  No.  Form follows function.  I have no knowledge but I'm betting that the 6 wheeled version placed amphibious performance as one of its most important factors and that the 4 wheeled lowered its importance.  Its weird.  Modern vehicles especially recon vehicles, depend so much on mobility and long range optics/drones etc...that seeing out the front should not be prioritized over crossing those water obstacles that litter Poland's countryside.

Even sadder?  I'm betting the 6x6 had greater growth potential.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

‘Space Vietnam’! That's what gamers are calling the loss of Malevelon Creek. Young guys might be a little pudgy but they're excited by the same stuff they always have been.

I gonna hit you with two completely opposite things.

First I damn near BEG you to watch a streamer of this game.  You don't have to drop the 40 bucks and play it yourself.  Just watch all the young guys geeking out on this.

Second, the US military has it all FUCKING WRONG!

This is an old fashioned shooter.  The young guys are eating it up. The military could EASILY reach these guys but they're (in my opinion) being pounded with alot of stuff that goes against the grain.

You can't push a female in gear and get the attention of a young guy unless she has big tits a big ass, is dressed as slutty as possible and gives the imagination that even the geekiest in the world can fuck her (or in the game, CONTROL her!).

Alot of female executives that had an agenda saw young guys going nuts over scantily dressed women in war games and made the false assumption that it would be readily accepted that Mary Sue that he went to school with would be seen as a fellow warrior if she put on a uniform too.

Biology don't work that way.

Want to grab a young guys attention?  Don't hit him with this woke shit.  Hit him with the idea of challenge.  Danger, hell even sacrifice and he will imagine himself being heroic.

Recruiters need to dump this woke shit and get back to basics poste haste.

As long as they show a 98 pound female going to Ranger School and easily passing then what guy that busts his ass and knows he could knock her head off is gonna want to earn that same badge?

The romance, the testosterone filled honor of the thing, the idea that you're doing what others won't is gone.

How guys that were hard as wood pecker lips forgot that is beyond me but many seem to.  Its like they've forgotten what attracted them to military service.

The success of this over the top, sci fi military shooter, overly patriotic, overly sacrificial, overly heroic video game shows that while today's kids might be some weird little fucks, the biology (which means the base desire) is the same.

Go fight bad guys.  Come home.  Get the girl.  Barring that then go out a hero and be remembered forever.

This is the shit that the globalist have been waiting for to get NATO to directly fight Russia...

Russian Air Force is systematically destroying Ukrainian air defenses and flying "unpunished" over the front lines


Apparently the Russians have solved the "Patriot Raid" problem and are plinking any anti-air assets they see on the front. This is horrible for the Ukrainian Army. The Ukrainian Air Force (I assume they're operating by NATO doctrine) are supposed to guarantee "air dominance" for ground forces. As a matter of fact we were so convinced about the power of our air arm that even ground forces placed a low to zero priority on tactical air defenses. Drones changed the game but its changing again with air defenses being effectively rolled back. Now its a sortie race for the Russians. Keep doing what they're doing while its working and get as many planes in the air to hammer Ukrainian positions. The Ukes needs to solve this one quick or its gonna turn bad for them.

Exercise Brilliant Jump 24

Gotta give the FBI credit for catching this demon before she could work her skillset in the US...gotta blame the Biden admin for leaving the border wide open

German Warship targets and fires missiles at American drone

Wonder if this would happen to units on the ground? Wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth. Faulty coordination between units of differing nations and suddely you're seeing artillery, tank, anti-tank missiles and small arms fire being directed at an ally. Can our allies spoof us into doing this?

One of these Streamers is gonna get killed fucking with the wrong person/people...

Royal School of Artillery training on Archer

A Russian soldier involuntarily leaked information to Ukrainian partisans

Justice in America? Non-existent...

Ya know what they say. If they can do this to police then imagine what they will do to average citizens. We're bringing back the Wild West. The only question is whether its intentional or not. From the actions of prosecutors I think intentional. What I can't figure out is how is anyone this stupid.

We just lost Malevelon Creek...if you know you know...

The ilegal crime spree is here and America ain't ready


Told you this was coming.

Told you America wasn't ready.

Decisions have consequences and all this feel good, pussified, we are the world bullshit that has been pushed by those in power is leading to one thing.

Americans thought shit was bad?  They're about to be ravaged.  Not so much rural areas but most certainly the big cities.

You're about to see most American big cities turn into open air cesspools.

It will take a decade or more to round up and control some of the gangs and terrorist that have crossed.

My biggest fear?

The Army is about to cut its Special Operations personnel.  We're gonna need them.  Not for operations outside the country but INSIDE!  Many of these gangs are simply too well armed to be confronted with police tactics.  Some of the best SWAT units in the US will be overwhelmed.  

We're not gonna need force multipliers aiding local agencies against some of these creatures.  We're gonna need Ranger type capabilities.

What did you say?  You want me to get to the point?

We just allowed a counter insurgency type element to walk across the border and its gonna take a military response to bring order.

Chaos in the cities is coming.  No go zones are here and the middle class and poor are about to be ravaged.

Tough on crime is coming back in style but many will be killed, raped and terrorized before Washington DC even notices.