Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Digital Camo F/A-18.

Its just a matter of time before our ships, tanks, and airplanes are all in digital camo.

USMC digs in on the EFV?! You damn right!

Michael Fabey has an article on the EFV over at Aviation Week.  Here is the punch line but read the whole thing...
But the Marines also make sound counter-arguments. True, the military really hasn’t needed to storm enemy shores with a vehicle like this since World War II, but that doesn’t mean the capability — or the threat of one — isn’t needed.
The U.S. hasn’t used an atomic or nuclear weapon since the World War II either, but few would argue the country needs to scrap all major programs dedicated to keeping that capability.
Further, the Marines point out, the proper Pentagon officials have already reviewed and blessed the EFV from a requirements and capability perspective. Of course, the Air Force also had made that argument for its CSAR-X program, which the service said was its second-highest priority procurement effort.
But when it comes to saving programs, no group is better than the Marines. No one need look any further than the V-22 Osprey for proof of that.
You damn right the Marines are digging in on the EFV and I need to repeat a couple of points.

1.  The AAV was first fielded in 1970's.  Its beyond time for a replacement.
2.  Forcible Entry is a necessary tool in the American Arsenal.  Just as the article points out, we haven't used nuclear weapons since 1945 yet we still have them.  Our Airborne forces have been allowed to atrophy, Air Assault is problematic...we need to be able to conduct Amphibious Assaults.
3.  The US Army will have gone through 4 generations of armored vehicles...the M-113, Bradley, Stryker and the upcoming GCV.

The Marines will win, it'll be nasty but we'll get the EFV. 

As a side note.  If a program manager needed wall to wall counseling, its the guys that have run this program.  If they get promoted after the missteps in this program then Officer selection is truly broken.