Wednesday, March 08, 2023

22nd Special Tactics Squadron water jump

Anyone know why the last guy didn't have his fins on?

GA-ASI new air-to-air armed LongShot UAS

Chinese troops in Austria for military competition...

China continues to increase its defense spending. Are they're trying to do to us what Reagan did to the USSR?


Eight Type 055 Destroyers are in service...even destroying the Marine Corps by the Commandant won't change the math...

The reality is stark and simple.

The Commandant can come up with a half baked plan to make over half the Marine Corps into coast watching, missile launching, recon/counter recon specialist that "operate within the enemies weapon engagement zone" but the amount of firepower that will be brought to bear won't matter in the deep water fight that is coming.

Even the US Army with there multi-domain constructs won't help much.

The Chinese have gone beyond being a brown water creature and have morphed into a beast that is looking to take the US Navy out into the deep water and to strangle them till they're all dead.

Congress, the President, the Joint Chiefs and the American people are gonna have to accept the reality.

We have too many worldwide commitments and something is gonna have to give if we're actually talking about taking on China.

Gimmicks and games just ain't gonna do it.

The MLRs that rely on stealth to survive will be located, fixed and destroyed.

The Navy and Air Force are gonna have to MAN UP and face the challenge.

Confidence in those two services is not high.

Explaining the proper way to clear a stairwell...


Actually this applies to the entire concept of fighting in built up areas or the new hotness, mega cities! It's a concept on crack that might sound good in a brief but sucks for the people actually doing it. Even in a law enforcement environment its pure insanity.

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Vid of the attack/protest at "Cop City" outside Atlanta...


One thing needs to be pointed out.

The vast majority of the people arrested were not from Georgia. They were from out of state.

Additionally it should be pointed out that these people appear to be professional protesters.

My question.

Who funds their travel?  Who pays for their expenses?  Who is the mastermind by this generated chaos?

Someone or some group wants chaos and not a debate.  It isn't too far as to label activity like this as lowgrade insurgency type actions.

Side note.  I am so disappointed in some religious leaders that appeared to come out in support of these individuals/group. It is apparent to me that certain religious leaders have lost their way. Unfortunately I believe that the church in the US has been so weakened that we can no longer consider them a "moral authority", instead they should be viewed as another mouth piece of a morally decadent society.

Monday, March 06, 2023

This is pure madness! Russians actually videotaped themselves doing this war crime?

This is pure madness. 

He was definitely brave till the end.  He walked the walk and just didn't talk about it.

May his memory be a blessing to his family.


The UK Politicians actually want a war with Russia & have stated that Ukraine does not need to do all the work!

God save us from these fools!

I thought just Poland wanted the fight but apparently that feeling is going Europe wide.


Leave us out and I hope they have a good time.  But make no mistake.  If Biden walks us into this conflict then it will cost the Dems the White House for at least 2 election cycles (even though I KNOW that plenty of Republicans want the fight too).

Looks like Israel has a problem.


Late Open Comment Post. 6 Mar 23


Americans kidnapped in Mexico. Here is a vid of them being dragged to a pickup....they're fucked. Time for Delta to earn their pay


May God have mercy cause those vicious bastards won't.

Time for Delta to earn their pay.

Rescue if possible.  

Terminate hostiles regardless.  If Mexican forces interfere then they can get some too.

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Not just American media censored the truth about covid. So did the British media!


Just plain wow. How ANYONE can trust anything the media has to say is beyond me. They're not journalists. They're mouthpieces for the state. Democracy? Naw bro. We just live in gilded cages with illusions of freedom.

The Ukraine war is teaching us one thing about future warfare. The golden hour is dead and CASEVAC/MEDEVAC is gonna be targeted...


One thing that annoys me about all the Mid/Junior Officers and SNCO/NCOs that are all fired up about FD2030 is that they ignore the fact that the golden hour is dead with that concept. They're gonna be watching their Marines and sometimes friends suffering in agony with the only thing that can help them is what the Corpsman carried on his back and his skills (assuming he hasn't been killed and his pack destroyed).

So far this is the only thing that the war in Ukraine is teaching us.

CASEVAC/MEDEVAC will be targeted & the golden hour is dead.

Berger is setting up future Marines to suffer and die in the mud.

It's an amazing thing to contemplate but if one of the MLRs is targeted...FOUND (because stealth is gonna be their main means of survival against a dedicated assault), fixed and destroyed in place the only hope those Marine will have is that the Chinese are merciful and that they have medical facilities available to take care of our wounded.

That will be an amazing public relations win for them.

We can suffer 70% casualties but if they can wheel out a few Marines for return to the states, that they saved after inflicting horrific injuries to them during a battle,  then they win big on the public stage.

Public Service Announcement. Blame Disqus not me...

I don't delete messages at least when it comes to general comments.

You post some racist shit then yeah I bomb those.  But even then I've read stuff that comes real real real close to the line and I've let that go.

I've taken personal hits in comments and many times I'll let it go but admittedly many times I won't.

But general comments that disagree?  

I don't delete that shit.

Blame Disqus, not me.  I don't know where the comments disappear to and really don't care.

Personally I hate Disqus but the vast majority seem to like it. Very well but trust and believe we'll go back to Google comments so fast it'll make your hair stand up if the problems continue and I take hits that I don't deserve.

The moral of the story?

Aim your fire at the right target.

NOTE.  This ain't for everyone but for one stupid bastard.  Posting this here in case he missed my response to him.

This will not end well.


Everyone is all fired up about the thinking that infantry with anti-tank missiles can stand alone against an armored force.

It's just not true.

Tanks need infantry and infantry needs tanks.

Why we're having to relearn this lesson and believe that we've suddenly discovered a paradigm shift in warfare is beyond me but future generations will suffer from our arrogance.

Dr Fauci was the living embodiment of evil...


Fauci dined on the fear that he foisted on the American public and did everything he could to prevent the fact that he funded the research that led to this outbreak in China. The biggest threat these people face is the truth. Unfortunately so many are willing to kiss the ring that the Republic is in danger. Not from outside forces but from the so called elite within. We are facing a threat from an unholy alliance of the media, big govt, corporations and fellow citizens that are quick to follow anyone they consider to be an "authority".

The most dangerous drug in America today?


Fear makes you do stupid, lazy things.

Fear keeps you from doing the hard stuff that will actually change things.

I look around America and all I see is fear...and those that will profit off it.

Not NATO equipment, that's American Army gear arriving in Europe.


Thanks to the stance that the elites are taking with Ukraine, we're going to have to fund a two major war force. 

The US Army is gonna be busy. 

 A couple of divisions are definitely on track to head to Europe, to "reassure" fucking nations that can defend themselves if they got off their sorry asses and a division, probably the multi-domain construct they're building, to hold the line and do amphibious assaults in the Pacific (since the Marine Corps is out of the amphibious assault/force in readiness business).

If this is where we're going and by all appearances it is, then a case can be made that the Army needs additional funding, the Navy needs additional funding (the fight against China is an air and sea war right), the Air Force probably needs to stand pat which means that its time to slice and dice the Marines since it only acts as a recon/counter recon force and we can get that from drones.

Iron Fist 23 Bilateral Amphibious Assault


Open Comments Post. 5 Mar 23