Friday, March 17, 2023

Turkey's TF-X looks fantastic!

 Thanks to FenerliMusti82 for the pics!

The Pentagon needs to inform the public about peer vs peer "games"...what happened with the UAV was nothing compared to what has come before or what we'll soon see



Peer vs Peer "games" have been going on a long time and while the public appears to be alarmed (surprisingly quite a few congress critters too), whats happened in the past makes the recent incident look like kiddie play.

That's what we can see from the past too.

Talk to the old sub guys and you would hear about some pretty crazy stuff they were involved in (supposedly even recently they've been in some crazy stuff but that's just rumor).

My point is that if you're talking super power games, and we are, then the public better wrap its brain around the concept that things will get hairy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

All it takes is one Regiment/Brigade Commander on either side of a line on a map to dig his claws in and react/over react to a situation and suddenly you have both sides rushing forces to an area.

Same applies in the air and sea.

Fighters patrolling and suddenly it turns into an air battle because intentions are misunderstood.

You have bumper cars at sea and that monster Chinese Coast Guard Cutter bumps one of our ships and accidently sinks it and you have the potential for weapons free in the Pacific before leadership can lower the volume (wouldn't that be a kick in the pants to see that ship bump a Landing Ship Medium).

My point.

The UAV incident wasn't shit.

Trench Warfare sucks...



This shit.  This shit right here.

Trench warfare sucks.  You're in a static position.  Being suppressed by enemy fire.  Obviously these guys didn't have security setup at the edges of their line and you have a Rambo sneaking into your trench taking out your entire fire team.

Trench fighting is setting up your guys to lose and to die ugly.

Sorry but maneuver warfare gives you a chance in my opinion, trench warfare is just a slow, painful death.

Even worse?

This was daylight!

The mayhem that's going on at night must be downright frightening (and I'm using that word correctly, not being overly dramatic like so many today).

Exclusion Zones are real...think back to the Falklands War!

 via Wikipedia...

On 30 April, the Task Force imposed a 200-mile Total Exclusion Zone around the Falklands, prohibiting all aircraft and ships from any country from entering. British special forces, the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm attacked Argentinian ships and defences.

Exclusions are rather rare today but they've been used during times of war for a long long time.

In an earlier post I wondered aloud (much to the annoyance of my readers) why the Russians didn't just setup an exclusion zone around the Crimea and be done with it.

I mean everyone and their mother knows that the US is running intel flights to gather targeting data for the Ukrainians.  Additionally its obvious from the actions of the SU pilots that their leadership is a bit beyond annoyed by it.

An exclusion zone would be a simple fix that even this blogger could think of so why aren't they doing it?


Because this is the most jacked up war I've ever seen.  There are no lessons learned from this one.  This is a complete clusterfuck that would be funny as hell except that so many are dying and the destruction is beyond imagining.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Workout Motivation


Massive protest in France after President said he would force thru a raise in retirement age without a vote.

Today, the President of France said he’s going to force through a raise of the retirement age without a vote. Tonight, Paris looks like this.
by u/Captain_Levi_007 in antiwork

What is going on in the Western world?

Is it just me or does it seem like we're in a constant state of societal upheaval/chaos that appears to be invented rather than happening by chance.

There is no way the French President didn't know that this would be EXTREMELY controversial.

Just like politicians in big cities can see that the defund police and relaxed rules for criminality would cause a spike in crime and appear to do nothing about it despite the damage to their citizens.

It almost appears to be a planned distraction.

The UK joins the BAE Archer Family!



An unpopular opinion on the US Drone vs Russian Fighter incident...

Before I get started let me warn you. I'm gonna piss many of you off, so saddle up and get ready to punch walls!

First.  This incident is mild.  We've seen worse.  You and I know both know about the Chinese knocking down one of our P-3s and recovering all types of info from it when they made an emergency landing on one of their islands.

This is just big boy action.

Second.  You know and I know that MQ-9 was conducting an intel/recon mission on Crimea.  The Ukrainians are getting targeting information from the US and NATO and we all know that this flight was just part of that.

You keep losing aircraft on your airfield with precision strikes and I can guarantee if you were commanding the air defense of that region then you'd push out any aircraft that got close.

What I can't figure is why the Russians haven't declared an exclusion zone around Crimea.

I don't know the legal steps to do so but with an active war going on they could easily declare any military aircraft flying with 200miles will be targeted.

Not at ALL up to speed on the "Law of War" but I believe that would cleanse any activity like this.

Long story short?

It ain't nothing to get excited about.

As a matter of fact the knock down of the MQ-9 is fairly standard. What was wild is the Chinese flying a balloon over the US and it making it all the way across our country before we took action, but this shit?

Kids stuff.

Open Comment Post. 16 Mar 23


Austro-Hungarian soldiers executing men and women in Serbia, 1916


Its only natural (I believe) to have areas of interest that you seek to "specialize" in. For some its cars, others hunting, and still others crafts. Many of us on the blog like to think we have a passing knowledge of military history.

I can't speak for you but I'm 110% neophyte.

There is just so much I don't know and that's just looking at Western Military History.  I can't imagine how much I'm missing from battles that have taken place in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

I ran across this pic from an article in Real Clear History.  Check out the article here and marvel at how much we don't know about the great war.

It appears that we've created a new alliance .... China, Russia and Iran are all exercising together


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

And just like that all the money Saudi Arabia pledged to Ukraine just vanished...


Don't know if this is real or a psyops campaign but its brilliant.

Everyone in the Western World seems to believe that Ukraine is universally supported.  That is far from true.

In the Middle East, when this goes viral and it will, what support there is will collapse.

If Saudi Arabia moves ahead with money to Ukraine, the citizens will go crazy.  The last thing the Kingdom needs are the peasants running wild in the street...especially over desecration of their holy book.

Note.  I'm saying that this was a carefully crafted psyops play because Grunts don't operate this way.  They'd piss on it, take a shit on it but use it as a cutting board?  Naw.  That wouldn't be the play for people involved in a fight against what they consider to be Muslim extremist.  Trust me on this one.

Zero Blog Thirty's interview with the SMMC...


Watch the entire thing but I wanted to highlight the talk starting at 15:00.

Don't know this dude, never heard of him, yada yada yada.

What I do think is that he missed a great opportunity to get some great information on the thinking behind some of the moves being made.

To be critical (and I might be being unfair), but this bubba was star struck and talked too damn much.

Just as the SMMC was about to open up about some very valid concerns that many has he moved the conversation on.

This was a handpicked interview.

I'd talk less, ask a few pointed questions, shut my mouth and just let him talk.

Hopefully the next guy lets him do it.

We haven't talked about the cluster that was the evacuation of Kabul....Check out this witness testimony & and 1 Marine if given permission could have stopped the chaos/death


The Chinese exported Covid, did we export a banking crisis?


I thought this might be contained in just the tech sector (they've been getting rocked and no one is talking about it...even FaceBook is laying off 10K works in round and round of cuts and no one is talking about it) but now its spread to the banks? Even worse I thought it was contained in just the US, but if this is hitting Europe then what happens when its Asia, the Middle East and Africa? Want to talk about a potentially destabalizing situation for weak govts if the banks turn insolvent? Crisis Response Forces should at least do equipment checks IF (and that's a big fat IF) I'm right.

Knowledge on this is totally lacking so tell me where I'm wrong.

Are we finally seeing an awakening to the cancer that is "gangster rap"????

I can only hope but confidence is non-existant.

I wish policy makers could take a walk in the shoes of every LEO, Deputy, Corrections, Firefighter, Paramedic...hell even school teacher now and see the damage that is being caused.

You say music is just an art form?  You say even Johnny Cash was a rebel?  You say we're even seeing rap music in country music?

I say "yep" you're right to all of that.

But gangster rap (old term but still used in my circles...don't know what the modern term is) is different.

When music propels the weak minded to commit crimes then its a problem.

The bigger problem?

Most of those guys don't even live the lifestyle they're promoting.  The few that do die ugly fast.

B-Roll: Marines fire MAAWS downrange


* Another pet peeve!! Why the insistance on these crazy naming convention? Why not simply call the damn weapon by its proper name...Carl Gustaf, instead of reinventing a wheel that ain't broke? Let me have a get off my lawn moment...and this one goes back aways too but seems to have picked up speed. KEEP IT SIMPLE! If possible keep it historic! The perfect example is the LVT-1. It went LVT-1, LVT-2, LVT-3, LVT-4, LVT-5, LVTP-6 (ya'll forgot about that sweet little rig didn't ya!), LVT-7 and then the trend hit and it was renamed AAV!!! Pity. But small touchstones to what came before is no longer appreciated and that's a shame.

Women are about to lose their sports if they continue to let transgendered females to participate...


This is the horrible future for women's sports.

You will have genetic men that identify as female dominating it soon enough if things continue the way they are.

My problem?

Its hard to play shining knight when women don't appear to even give a damn themselves.

It's a pity too.

I absolutely LUV  women's track and field. I attend local meets, have been to a few at LSU, Southern, U Of L and NSU.

I've watched a few high school girls softball and they put on a good show too.

If trans females start dominating then why even attend.

I know alot are thinking that this is just dinosaur thinking and that I should get along with the times.

I just wonder.

This is blatant and its wrong.  Our society (American) is twisting itself into pretzels trying to justify this too.  Even the US Army is trying to build a PT test that is gender neutral...a freaking impossibility because men are different from women...but they're still trying despite the science being the science!

What do you guys think.

Littoral Raid Force

* I swear to God when the Marine Corps latches onto a "key word" they latch onto it the way a new born latches onto a nipple. You're MARINES! You don't need to put the word "Littoral" in front of EVERYTHING YOU FUCKING DO! It's stupid. It's goes against the ethos of any clime, any place! Or is it now any clime, any place as long as its within a few miles of the ocean?

Open Comment Post. 15 Mar 23