Monday, February 12, 2024

ACV pics. No explanation of how this fits in with FD2030 (no rebranding here)

No explanation or information on how the ACV fits into Force Design 2030 (they're trying to rebrand it to simply Force Design but I ain't buying had a self imposed deadline and many assumptions you made have already failed the test of battlefield evolution). Hell we don't have info on how the "new" MEU will look. I call it new because the Ground Combat Element has been eviscerated without hope of reconstitution so these "wonder boys" that sucked the former commandant's dick have fucked the Corps for at least 10 years. The only hope is that they won't be called on to fight anywhere, much less the Pacific. If the heavier 82nd Airborne can't do rapid deployment then the nation might be fucked...especially if our ACTUAL interests are at stake. Meanwhile enjoy pics of the wheeled ACV that is less capable than the AAV (a modernized new build AAV was what we needed) but in keeping with the thinking of transformationalist its new, its different and its the "trend". Who cares if its less effective.


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Army watercraft company reactivates in Japan

Saturday, February 10, 2024

May God protect him indeed! This is criminal...


Whoever conscripted this guy and sent him to the front needs to rot in prison and then in hell. This is fucking disgusting. I PRAY he has a guardian angel beside him and that God has mercy.

Zelensky just doomed Ukraine....Zaluzhny is out, the ‘butcher’ is in

 Good God!  I didn't think things could get worse for Ukraine but with this appointment they just did.  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE but when you have a commander this unpopular and KNOWN for wasting the lives of his men then nothing good can happen.  Just a few snippets from POLITICO but make sure to read the entire article (HERE !!!)

“Very bad decision,” a Ukrainian military captain told NatSec Daily. The captain, like others, was granted anonymity to avoid retaliation or to provide their unvarnished opinion.

Another person knowledgeable of Syrskyi’s operations echoed that view. His appointment is unlikely to have a positive effect for Ukraine, as Syrskyi is seen by those on the frontlines as a stern Soviet-style general who callously puts his men in danger.

This person added that Ukrainian troops have given Syrskyi a gruesome nickname: “Butcher.” The captain confirmed that the nickname has stuck, as has “General200” — which stands for 200 dead on the battlefield.

The negative reviews keep pouring in: “General Syrski’s leadership is bankrupt, his presence or orders coming from his name are demoralizing, and he undermines trust in the command in general,” a Ukrainian military officer posted on X. “His relentless pursuit of tactical gains constantly depletes our valuable human resources, resulting in tactical advances such as capturing tree lines or small villages, with no operational goals in mind.”

Read it all (yeah I'm repeating myself) and pray for those guys. They're being led by the devil himself and he wants to fill hell with fresh souls. 

I'm convinced that Zelensky is a fool and he just doomed Ukraine.

One Ukrainian soldier summed things up nicely (but sadly).

A Ukrainian soldier also tweeted a message in a group chat of veterans of the Bakhmut fight: “We’re all fucked.”

25th ID continues its message of being an amphibious assault force....

Nature abhors a vaccum. If the USMC is hanging its hat on being recon-counter recon, then the US Army in general and the 25th ID in particular WILL pick up the amphibious assault mission.

What horrible disease is this

The wing should be getting tired of this....RIP to the fallen

God bless these guys. If I recall correctly they were flying to California in the middle of a savage rain event with high winds etc... So many questions. Don't they have weather guys to let them know about storms and such? If so why would they still launch? Three officers and two enlisted dead. An airplane gone. Those are precious assets that should not be wasted just to complete a training evolution on time. Even worse? Our guys are in Norway for another exercise. The same area where we lost a MV-22 last year. If weather is an additional enemy then we just have to take the L. You can call something all weather all you want but mother nature wins that fight. No need to even engage it outside of real deal war. If you say its a must to train for the battlefield then I say ok but within limits. Risk for training is an unnecessary risk.

Doing a simple interview with a world leader now gets you called a traitor?


We are living in dangerous times. When leaders and former leaders (that participate behind closed doors) start labeling people traitors for doing a simple interview with a world leader then we know they want total control of information. When supposedly the freeist nation on the planet monitors a portion of its population using the banking system then they want total control (oh and its illegal as fuck). They must really be frightened. The ability to control the narrative is slipping away and they don't like it. Makes you wonder how much evil was going on before we had the ability to get info via the internet that they couldn't control. Walter Cronkite was an icon. But I have to wonder if he wasn't just the preferred mouth piece of the elite.

Nexter Jaguar on exercise

Huge vehicle.

Why do the war drums continue to beat for a war with Russia?


What exactly is going on here?

In the UK and Poland and the Nato Sec we're hearing talk about preparing for war with Russia.


33 nations aligned against 1 and those 33 nations are frightened?  Makes no sense!  Is this another example of the elite trying to scare the public?

The year of fear continues.  

Hell even in the US we have talk of WW3 popping up.  We will get it only if the elite want it and drag us into it.

The only thing that even rhymes with all this nonsense is if the world economy is so bad that they want a major war that drags all the advanced economies into it to create govt demand because the general public is tapped out.

I know.  Its false economic dogma because wars are so costly but its the only thing I can come up with.  If things are bad enough (and we don't know it) that a temporary shot in the arm is needed then we're screwed anyway.

Well decks for boats, not amphibious assault vehicles....


I guess my biggest gripe is that the Marine Corps biggest claim to fame has been amphibious assaults. Seizing land from enemy forces. With that made up mantra of "returning to our amphibious roots" we've seen the Corps turn from Soldiers Of The Sea, and America's Shock Troops to a freaking missile shooting defense force. I don't recognize this new Marine Corps. I don't understand how a few Marines dispersed on a few pieces of land can influence a sea battle that involves large surface combatants engaging in a fight far out to sea. I don't get this recon-counter recon bullshit in an age of long range UAVs, and satellites. They can't make it sense and they've embarked on an evolutionary dead end. If the Marine Corps wants to get back to its roots then it needs to be a bargain for taxpayers. The Pentagon disease has infected it and serious cuts in all the fluff needs to be made poste haste.

Boats in well decks instead of amphibious assault vehicles.  


Ukrainian Infantry about to enter Avdiivka....SOUND UP!

This has got to suck donkey dick. You're about to (I'm assuming) hump into an artillery barrage knowing that every UAV the Russians have is hunting you and you can't even see them? You have to assume that the Russians have signals intelligence aimed at this little city that has suddenly turned into a big fight so even a call for ANY assistance will be triangulated and you're gonna get hammered?

The only thing that could make it worse is close air support getting into the mix.  Luckily neither side seems to believe in that so I guess in a way it could be worse.

Still sucks.

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Thursday, February 08, 2024

Aviation Guys make me understand. We keep seeing Marines die in aircraft that meet the "minimum" requirements?


I saw this originally on Reddit and the refrain was that we keep losing brothers in aviation mishaps, and it might be possible that this video explains why. Its old. I don't know the context of this but the threat is there. A maintainer will not down an aircraft. If they do then the Senior enlisted will yank his qualifications.

I never knew it was this bad on the aviation side of things. Those guys are getting fucked over too.

My bad bros.  I laughed at the jokes too.  I guess everyone gets a chance to suffer in our magnificent Marine Corps.

But back on task.

I remember when Amos was trying to make the Corps aviation centric.  The weird thing is that Force Design 2030 ABSOLUTELY builds on that.  Maybe it triples the pressure because widely dispersed forces are gonna be a bitch to deploy, resupply, provide CASEVAC and either redeploy them to a new location or withdraw.

The USMC can pressure the Navy all it wants to build a "tailor made" ship but the real work horse will be rotary aviation.

Are they pushing them too hard?

Is the desire to get this plan proven causing everyone down the chain to take on unnecessary risk?

Meanwhile we have lost another 5 Marines in their prime.  Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers...their entire family is in pain.

God bless them all and may the fallen rest in peace.

Monday, February 05, 2024

A bad plan, poorly executed...

More from the flooding in California you're not hearing about...

This is what I'm talking about when I speak of "America first". Washington, DC is consumed with talk of aid to Ukraine AND EVEN Israel, while fellow Americans, misguided as they might be, are in a hurt locker. This should be the focus. Once home is sorted then we can help others.